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The Best Hostinger Server in 2024 for Fast and Reliable Hosting

Hostinger is one of the most popular shared hosting providers, serving over 29 million users globally. With data centers located in 7 regions, Hostinger offers fast and reliable web hosting services.

When signing up for Hostinger, one important decision is choosing the right server location that meets your needs. The location of the Hostinger server you select can impact website performance and page load times.

This article will discuss tips for selecting the optimal Hostinger server based on your requirements. We’ll also provide an in-depth feature comparison to help you pick the best Hostinger server location.

How to Choose the Best Hostinger Server Location

Some key factors to consider when selecting a Hostinger server location include:

Your Website’s Target Audience

The most important criteria is identifying where most of your website visitors are located. Having your Hostinger server in a location geographically closer to your users will provide faster page loads.

You can use website analytics to determine your website traffic by country. Pick the Hostinger server location that’s closest to the majority of your visitors.

Your Physical Location

Hosting your website on a Hostinger server that’s closer to your physical location can help improve admin access speeds. Activities like FTP file transfers and database access will be faster if you’re located nearer to the server.

So if you manage your website from the USA, choosing a North American server would be ideal.

Cost and Available Features

Some Hostinger server locations may offer plans with more features at lower costs based on regional pricing differences and competition. Check which locations provide the best value plans.

For example, India and Indonesia often have the most affordable plans. While North American plans are cheaper than Western Europe.

Uptime and Reliability

Review each location’s historical uptime over the past year to ensure reliability. Although all Hostinger servers aim for 99.9% uptime, there can be regional differences.

Check third-party monitoring sites like HostTrackers for uptime reports by Hostinger server location.

Overview of Hostinger Server Locations

Let’s look at an overview of the available Hostinger server locations and their key advantages:

North America

The North American servers are located in the United States.


  • Fast speeds for visitors from USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Good option if you manage your website from North America


  • Can be slower for visitors from other continents

South America

The South American servers are located in Brazil.


  • Fast speeds for visitors from Brazil and rest of South America
  • Portuguese language support


  • Limited features with some hosting plans


Hostinger has European servers in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Lithuania.


  • Fast speeds for visitors from Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • Good connectivity within Europe


  • Can be slower for other regions globally


Asian servers are located in Singapore and India.


  • Excellent speeds for visitors from Asia and Oceania
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Limited features with some entry plans


Separate data center location in Indonesia.


  • Fastest speeds for visitors from Indonesia
  • Very affordable hosting plans


  • Primarily benefits Indonesian website owners

Detailed Feature Comparison of Hostinger Server Locations

To help you select the optimal location, here’s a detailed feature comparison of the different Hostinger server locations:

Feature North America Europe Asia South America Indonesia
Countries Served USA, Canada, Mexico UK, Netherlands, Lithuania Singapore, India Brazil Indonesia
Closest Visitors North America Europe, Africa, Middle East Asia, Oceania South America Indonesia
Average Uptime 99.93% 99.85% 99.90% 99.95% 99.90%
WordPress Tools Advanced Advanced Basic Intermediate Basic
Scalability Options Excellent Good Fair Fair Fair
Cost of Plans Medium High Low Low Lowest
Support Phone, Chat and Email Chat and Email Chat Only Chat Only Chat Only

Explanation of Hostinger Server Features

Here’s an explanation of what the feature comparisons mean:

  • WordPress Tools refers to built-in WordPress benefits like staging, Git, cloning, and auto updates.
  • Scalability Options refers to ability to upgrade resources or switch to VPS/dedicated hosting.
  • Cost of Plans compares the relative price of hosting plans.
  • Support shows what support channels are available – phone, chat or email.

Recommended Hostinger Server Locations

Based on the above feature comparison, here are the recommended Hostinger server locations for different cases:

For North American Websites

The North American server is best if most of your visitors come from the USA, Canada or Mexico. It provides the fastest speeds with full support options.

For European Websites

For websites targeting Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Netherlands server is ideal. It has excellent uptime and good WordPress tools.

For Asian Websites

Website owners in Asia and Oceania will benefit most from the Singapore server. Despite basic WordPress benefits, it provides the best connectivity for Asian visitors.

For South American Websites

If your website attracts audiences from South America, the Brazil server is optimal. It combines good speeds with affordable hosting costs.

For Indonesian Websites

For Indonesian site owners, the Indonesia server is highly recommended. It has the lowest hosting rates along with excellent in-country speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many server locations does Hostinger have?

Hostinger has 7 data center regions – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Indonesia, India and Singapore.

Can I switch Hostinger servers after signing up?

Yes, you can change your Hostinger server location after signup by contacting support. However, migrations are limited to once per month.

Does Hostinger uptime vary by server location?

There can be minor uptime differences between regions, but all Hostinger servers maintain an average uptime exceeding 99.9%

Which Hostinger location has the fastest servers?

Singapore, Indonesia and India servers are fastest for visitors from Asia. Netherlands and North America are fastest for European and North American visitors respectively.

What is the most affordable Hostinger location?

Indonesia, India, and Brazil offer the most affordable shared hosting plans. North America and Europe have higher prices.


Choosing the optimal Hostinger server location depends on your website’s traffic, target audience, scalability needs and budget preferences.

North America and Europe work best for visitors from those continents, while Asia is ideal for Asian/Oceanian traffic. Indonesia and Brazil offer the most budget-friendly options.

Review the feature comparison table to pick the Hostinger server location that fulfills your hosting requirements. Using the recommended locations will help provide your website visitors with the fastest page load speeds.

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