• Industry PulseEcho Pop vs Echo Dot

    Echo Pop vs Echo Dot: Which Is Better!

    The newest member of the Amazon Echo family is the Echo Pop. While it has a striking new look, it…

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  • Industry PulseWhat is Device Pulse and It,s Features

    What Is Device Pulse And Its Features? 

    Let,s see what is Device Pulse and it,s features. Device Pulse is a development by TracFone that stands out in…

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  • Tech LifeTitan-V-VS-RTX-3090

    Nvidia Titan V VS RTX 3090: Performance Comparison

    Nvidia doesn’t need any introduction, right?  Obviously, it won’t need it. That is why you are here for a Nvidia…

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  • Industry PulseTop-8-Tech-Influencers-To-Follow

    The Top 8 Tech Influencers to Follow in 2023

    The 21st century has been on the run to introduce newer and newer technology, and many excellent sources have updated…

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  • Industry Pulsetop-8-podcasts-to-listen

    The Top 8 Tech Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

    Almost 80% of Americans know what a podcast is. According to research, one in five podcast listeners in the USA…

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  • Industry PulseTech Books

    The Top 10 Tech Books to Read in 2023: A Reader’s Guide

    While technology has helped us in many great manners, it does affect us negatively to a great extent. It’s crucial…

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