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Nvidia Titan V VS RTX 3090: Performance Comparison

Nvidia doesn’t need any introduction, right?  Obviously, it won’t need it. That is why you are here for a Nvidia Titan V VS 3090 comparison. 

From gamers to content creators, everyone knows about Nvidia’s reputation in the world of GPUs. With up-to-date features including the ones that users want, Nvidia has managed to make themselves available to every type of audience. From their initial GeForce series to the recent GeForce RTX 40 series, every one of the graphic cards has managed to leave its mark.

And two of the greatest offerings that Nvidia has offered are the Nvidia Titan series and RTX series. In this comparison, we will compare the AI enthusiast’s favorite Nvidia Titan V and the current sensation GeForce RTX 3090.

Understanding the Basics – Nvidia Titan V VS RTX 3090

Before we jump right into the performance comparisons of these two powerhouses. While the Titan lineup is an old GPU series, it still managed to live up to its name. On the other hand, we have the recent “heck of a GPU” which is without a doubt a real powerhouse of this age. Here’s a quick introduction of what these two GPUs are, for starters before we go full throttle on Nvidia Titan V VS GTX 3090.

Nvidia Titan V

This is an older top-category GPU that was famous right after its release and still holds a great reputation. Why? Because the Nvidia Titan V has great computing capabilities. While many of the gamers really liked this graphic card and had a great time playing games on it, this wasn’t wholly designed for this purpose.


The main reason why this was developed was for deep learning applications and various scientific applications. This has led it to the favorite list of researchers and AI enthusiasts.

Nvidia RTX 3090

The GeForce RTX 3090 is the recently released GTX 30 series card and will be the last one of the series, including the Ti version. It’s a versatile graphic card with compatibility of almost everything, by everything, we mean everything. Even 8k is easy for this giant powerhouse.


It’s not just limited to gaming, it does The Best in almost every area wherever GPU could potentially needed. And that’s why, it is among the favorite of every professional, content creator, gamer, and tech enthusiast out there.

Performance Comparison

Now, let’s get to the real deal, Nvidia Titan V vs RTX 3090. Excited to see the results? Well, we are too, to show you what makes these different. Here are the areas where GPUs matter the most and where both stand in comparison.

Latest Gaming Benchmarks

Now, to the most awaited question, how do these two GPUs compete with each other on gaming benchmarks? We have listed some of the popular games and the min-max FPS each GPU gets so you can understand how much difference there is between these two. Following are the common resolution settings along with the benchmarks of each of these GPUs:

1080p (FHD) Resolution

When comparing gaming benchmarks for the RTX 3090 and the Nvidia Titan V at 1080p (Full HD) resolution, it becomes evident that the RTX 3090 outperforms the Nvidia Titan V by a substantial margin in almost every game tested. Here’s a breakdown of the FPS (Frames Per Second) for each game:

GameFPS (RTX 3090)FPS (Nvidia Titan V)
Resident Evil 4182-202103-115
A Plague Tale: Requiem124-13870-78
Hogwarts Legacy107-11961-68
The Last of Us82-9247-52
The Callisto Protocol74-8242-47
Dead Space124-13870-78


2K (QHD) Resolution

When we shift our focus to gaming benchmarks at 2K (Quad HD or QHD) resolution for the RTX 3090 and the Nvidia Titan V, the performance gap remains the same. These GPUs are tested across various popular games, and here are the FPS (Frames Per Second) ranges for each title:


FPS (RTX 3090)FPS (Nvidia Titan V)
Resident Evil 4117-14766-83
A Plague Tale: Requiem80-10146-57
Hogwarts Legacy73-9241-52
The Last of Us55-6931-39
The Callisto Protocol74-8226-33
Dead Space73-9241-52


4K (Ultra HD) Resolution

At 4K (Ultra HD) resolution, the performance difference between the RTX 3090 and the Nvidia Titan V becomes even more pronounced. These GPUs are tested in various popular games, and here are the FPS (Frames Per Second) ranges for each title:

GameFPS (RTX 3090)FPS (Nvidia Titan V)
Resident Evil 477-11043-62
A Plague Tale: Requiem45-6425-36
Hogwarts Legacy45-6425-36
The Last of Us25-3645-20
The Callisto Protocol20-2911-16
Dead Space25-3614-20

Professional Workloads

The professional workload is relying more and more on GPUs as almost every great software’s performance relies on it. So, how do these two giants stand toe-to-toe against each other in professional workload? Here’s how:

Average Score

The battle between the Nvidia RTX 3090 and the Nvidia Titan V is nothing short of a clash of titans. These graphics processing units (GPUs) are the powerhouses that professionals in various industries rely on for tasks that demand top-notch performance. Their average scores across key areas of professional work are:

Key AreasPerformance (RTX 3090)Performance(Nvidia Titan V)

Overclocked Score

For those professionals who desire even more energy from their GPUs, overclocking becomes a compelling option for them. Let’s dive into the Overclocked Score for both the Nvidia RTX 3090 and the Nvidia Titan V to see how well they manage when pushed to their limits.

Key AreasPerformance (RTX 3090)Performance(Nvidia Titan V)



Well, here are the scores of the Nvidia Titan V VS 3090. Now, you can go and buy one that suits your needs, which in most cases will be the GeForce RTX 3090. But if you are not a gaming enthusiast and want a decent Full HD gaming performance, the Nvidia Titan V will do the job. With its designated design to help AI enthusiasts and machine learning geeks, Titan V isn’t a bad choice at all. But if you are a gaming freak who wants to go throttle, then there’s no better card than 3090 at this point in time.


Is The RTX 3090 Better Than The Titan?

In terms of gaming performance, the RTX 3090 is without a doubt, on par. However, Titans may excel in other professional and scientific computing tasks such as AI-related work due to its specialized features.

Is Titan Better Than RTX?

Titan GPUs are for professional and scientific workloads, with more VRAM and sometimes additional features like double-precision floating-point performance. On the other hand, RTX GPUs are largely gaming-focused but are still very capable of most professional tasks. The choice between a Titan GPU and an RTX GPU depends on your specific needs and budget.

Is The RTX 3090 A Titan?

No, the RTX 3090 is not marketed as a Titan GPU. It belongs to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX series.

What Gpu Is Better Than RTX 3090?

RTX 3090 was the last GPU of its series (GeForce RTX 30 series), and GPUs in the Geforce RTX 40 series are without a doubt, better than RTX 3090. This is because they have better components and come with updated and better Nvidia features.

Is 3090 A Titan Replacement?

No, the RTX 3090 is not marketed as a direct replacement for Titan GPUs. However, the RTX 3090 does offer powerful gaming and professional performance and competes with some Titan models in certain use cases.

Is The Titan V The Best GPU?

The Titan V was considered one of the most powerful GPUs available when it was released, especially for scientific and deep learning applications. This was because of its high VRAM and computational capabilities that GPUs at that time didn’t have. However, what’s considered the “best” GPU can change over time, and depend on specific use matters and needs.

Titan V Vs 3090 Deep Learning: Which One Is Better?

Titan V, with its high double-precision floating-point performance and plenty of VRAM, was a strong choice for some deep-learning workloads. However, the RTX 3090 also offers excellent deep learning performance as it’s a new GPU with better features compared to the Titan V, often surpassing the Titan V.

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