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How To Get Paramount Plus For Free?

Streaming services are becoming our go-to sources of entertainment in the current digital era. Paramount Plus is one such platform that has gained popularity. It’s no surprise that Paramount Plus has a devoted following given the breadth of its track of films, TV episodes, live sporting events, and news. But some of us might find the subscription fee a little too expensive. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re wondering how to get Paramount Plus for free. This blog will examine numerous strategies and advice for utilizing Paramount Plus without going overboard.

What is Paramount Plus?

Let’s learn more about this massive streaming service before getting into the specifics of getting Paramount Plus for free. The ViacomCBS-owned┬ástreaming service Paramount Plus has a large selection of material. There are two different sorts of plans offered by it: ad-supported and ad-free, and it is accessible in many nations, including the United States. Nothing compares to using its services for nothing, even if it is somewhat less expensive than its rivals.

How to Get Paramount Plus for Free?

Let’s look at how to access the service for free now that you are aware of it. Here are some strategies to assist you:

1. Try Out the 7-Day Paramount Plus Free Trial

Utilizing their free trial is the simplest way to experience Paramount Plus without spending any money. Like many other streaming services, Paramount Plus gives new customers a 7-day free trial. You can watch to your heart’s content throughout this period without having to take out your cash. A word of warning, though: if you ignore to cancel after providing your credit card information for the trial, you may face unwanted fees. In order to cancel it before the trial time expires, remember to set a reminder.

2. Subscribe to Other Services for Free Access

Other businesses will occasionally offer you a Paramount Plus subscription for free when you join up for their services since they are so eager to gain your business. As an illustration, Walmart+ membership includes access to the Paramount Plus Essential plan. Whether you have a monthly or yearly subscription to Walmart+, this is applicable to both trial and paying users.

Another participant in the game is Amazon Prime Video. If you want a 30-day free trial of Prime Video, you can also obtain a free week of Paramount Plus by doing so. Yes, killing two birds with one stone.

3. Use Promo Codes For Free Paramount Plus

Promo codes might be your greatest friend if you’re searching for how to get Paramount Plus for free. These discount codes are valid as of 2023:

  • (1 month) TV CLASSICS
  • Taipei (one month)
  • 1 month BIGBROTHER25

It’s simple to make use of them. After completing the basic stages of registering for the free trial, choose “Have a coupon code?” and enter it. To proceed, simply enter one of the above codes. The first month of free streaming has now been unlocked. Just make sure the price is still $0.00 before confirming your membership.

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Pretend to Cancel for Extended Free Access

If you decide to cancel your subscription, Paramount Plus could really offer you an extra two-month trial period. Although it might not be a successful strategy for everyone, it’s worth a try. Continue the cancellation process, but stop before the last step is confirmed. Watch for a prompt that offers you a longer trial. Take advantage of it if you notice it by selecting “REDEEM OFFER.”

Access Free Paramount Plus Content Without a Subscription

You can view a number of free episodes on Paramount Plus, which is a really generous service. Despite the fact that you won’t receive a complete membership, this is a great opportunity to sample some of their material without having to create an account or provide payment information. To access a list of free-to-stream series, just go to the “WATCH FREE EPISODES” part of the app or the “Shows on Paramount Plus” page of the website.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription Before the Trial Ends

You can ask yourself, “How can I make sure I don’t get charged at the end of the trial period?” With Paramount Plus, you are covered. You can terminate with them early due to their policy, and you’ll keep using your account until the end of your payment cycle. Thus, when the trial period is over, take these actions:

  • On the Paramount Plus website, click your profile name in the upper right corner, then select “Account.”
  • Alternatively, if you’re logged in, click on this link.
  • Then click “Cancel Subscription” under the “Subscription & Billing” heading.
  • Select “I understand the terms of cancellation” in the checkbox.
  • Finally, choose “YES, CANCEL” to finalize your cancellation.

Summing Up

Paramount Plus is a superb streaming service with a variety of material. You can take advantage of all that Paramount Plus has to offer without going over budget by using trial codes, special deals, and a little bit of ingenuity. However, always keep in mind to cancel your membership if you decide against continuing before the trial time expires since automatic charges might be a major letdown.

Finding methods to access premium material for free in a world with many streaming providers can be a game-changer. So go ahead, grab some popcorn, and immerse yourself in the Paramount Plus universe without spending a thing.

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