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Can You Use Threads Without Instagram

The realm of social media is expanded every once in a while, introducing new platforms and managing to grab the attention of millions in just a matter of a few hours. And among these giants is “Threads.” It was the Meta’s response to X, formally known as Twitter. It managed to score 30 million sign-ups within the span of 24 hours, isn’t it amazing? And the hype elevated with every day passed, making it a hot topic of discussion all around the globe. 

People were shocked and confused about what happened, and among many questions in the minds of millions, there was one, Can you use Threads without Instagram? This is still a burning question and we are going to answer this question.

Can You Use Threads Without Instagram

Jumping straight to the point, and the answer is a big NO. You must have an Instagram in order to access threads, or you won’t be able to use it. This might be a little weird to a non-Instagram user who wants to be limited to Threads only, not needing to be on Instagram for the sake of Threads. But it is what it is.

This initiative was purely a smart move as Meta has leveraged the already built user base of Instagram and managed to capitalize on the curiosity of every Instagram user.

Addressing User Concerns

As Threads made it into the scene and gained popularity, many people got a few concerns as well. And we will address some of those right away.

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Why Threads Isn’t a Different Platform Instead of an Extension?

It will always be a question in the minds of many, why do you need an Instagram account and only then be able to Use Threads? But here’s the catch! This was a strategic move by Meta to make it an extension of Instagram instead of making it a separate platform completely. And to our surprise, they promoted Thread in such a way on Instagram that it became the need of the hour back in the day, leading it to the 30 million sign-up milestone.

Is Thread Any Different Than The Twitter (X)?

Threads revolve around a similar experience that Twitter (X) has been providing for more than a decade, which is microblogging. You have the same features like reposting, quoting a thread, and stuff that Twitter (X) has been doing for years. However, there are some features that Threads don’t have and Twitter (X) is proud of having. These include direct messages, a strong hashtag presence, and the luxury of being an independent app.

The only thing that makes a big yay for some people is that you get 500 characters per post whereas Twitter (X) is limited to 280 characters.

Threads’ Future

Threads’ success is uncertain, to be honest. Given its current situation, it needs some fixing, especially due to its data privacy rules. This is why the European Union has not made it available in their region and is not in the mood to do it later on. And combined with the above-mentioned concerns, and how it doesn’t fit the shoes of Twitter (X) or does much of a better job, we can’t say anything for sure.

As Threads evolve, user feedback should be taken into serious consideration if Meta wants to shape its trajectory for betterment.

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