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8 Emerging Social Media Platforms Tech-Savvy Users Should Know

With so many platforms available, all free to use and many more to come, this digital landscape is expected to evolve constantly. This evolution is giving rise to innovative platforms that introduce new ways to connect, communicate, and share our lives. And for a tech-savvy, it’s essential to know what’s new and has launched on the horizon of social media. Here are the eight emerging platforms that beat social media traditions and norms and did something out of the box.

The social media landscape changes incredibly fast, so you must be open-minded and nimble to keep up with it. ~ Alexis Ohanian – Reddit Co-Founder 

Clubhouse: The Pioneer of Audio Social Networking

Imagine you are in a space with lots and lots of great conversation being held, where voices are weaving stories all around, and ideas are being discussed elegantly. This is Clubhouse! The pioneer of social networking featuring voice chat and audio rooms, encouraging insightful live discussions. Its ability to provide seamless real-time conversation between individuals has created a captivating environment for people to share their thoughts and ideas. It has introduced a refreshing and unique change in how we connect through the power of our voice.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Audio rooms for real-time discussions
  • Voice chat for engaging conversations
  • Live discussions on various topics

BeReal: Capturing Unfiltered Moments

We all remember using Instagram for their great filters, don’t we? And then Snapchat steps in. In a world where filters and curated content have dominated the whole content industry, BeReal is a breath of fresh air compared to these. It encourages its users to share spontaneous photos along with genuine interactions happening in their daily lives.

It’s a one-of-a-kind concept to share the reality, which is what differentiates it from the others, allowing its users to stay stress-free of always opting for perfection. The lens that BeReal offers its users has promoted the concept of sharing the unfiltered beauty of the moments.


Top-Notch Features: 

  • Spontaneous photo sharing
  • Emphasis on genuine interactions
  • Celebrating unfiltered moments

Lemon8: Social Media Stripped Back

Raw, unfiltered, and authentic – that’s Lemon8’s mantra. Dispossessing away the extreme exaggerations, Lemon8 brings us back to the core of social media: real connections and genuine sharing. With a focus on raw content, it has recreated our online interactions by restoring the spirit of authenticity. Rediscovering authenticity with Lemon8 is a journey worth taking. And if you are among those who are tired of the mouthful features that popular platforms nowadays offer, then it’s time to download Lemon8.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Emphasis on raw and authentic content
  • Encouraging genuine connections
  • Stripped-back social media experience

Polywork: A Multidimensional Professional Identity

In the age of networking 2.0, Polywork has emerged as a game-changer. It goes beyond the conventional boundaries of professional networking by allowing users to showcase a spectrum of skills and experiences. This is the best place for creatives to showcase their skills rather than posting them on Facebook or Instagram.

Through badges that represent diverse skills, Polywork transforms the way by showing how we ‌present our professional identities. It’s a dynamic platform for individuals who are more than just a job title.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Showcasing a wide range of skills
  • Use of badges for professional representation
  • Multidimensional professional identity

Post: Sharing Professional Milestones

Celebrate your victories, share your work stories, and embrace your career growth with Post. In a world where work takes up a significant part of our lives, having a platform like Post adds a meaningful dimension to our professional journey. Similar to LinkedIn, but more niche-specific, this platform provides a dedicated space for sharing professional milestones. From project updates to career achievements, Post facilitates a supporting community that cheers for each other’s successes.

Top-Notch Features:

  • Dedicated space for professional milestones
  • Niche-specific networking
  • Fostering a supportive community

Substack: The Renaissance of Newsletters

Newsletters are experiencing a revival, and Substack is at the forefront of this movement. With all the traditional newsletter essentials, it has a few more things up its sleeve. Through empowering writers and readers alike, Substack offers a platform to monetize content while fostering independent writing. Moreover, in an age of information overload, this social media platform brings back the intimacy of well-crafted newsletters, creating a space for in-depth quest and connection.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Dedicated space for professional milestones
  • Niche-specific networking
  • Fostering a supportive community

Discord: More Than Just Gaming Chats

Discord, once primarily known as a gaming chat platform, has evolved into something much more comprehensive. With its latest advancements, it has secured its position as a hub for constructing diverse communities and engaging in real-time conversations.

Whether it’s connecting with like-minded individuals or exploring niche interests, Discord’s group servers offer a virtual space where people can come together and exchange ideas in real-time. Discord’s two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account for added peace of mind.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Building diverse communities
  • Real-time conversations
  • Versatile group servers

Loom: Video Communication Reimagined

Communication is no longer limited to text – Loom brings video messaging to the forefront. With video messages and screen-sharing capabilities, Loom offers a dynamic and engaging way to communicate. Whether it’s conveying ideas, collaborating on projects, or simply staying in touch, Loom reimagines how we interact through video, making conversations more personal and expressive.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Asynchronous video messaging
  • Screen-sharing capabilities
  • Enhanced video communication

Bonus Application

Reddit: The Social News Aggregation Powerhouse

No discussion about emerging social media platforms is complete without mentioning Reddit. And as a tech-savvy, you must have used Reddit various times. As a social news aggregation website, users can submit links, images, and videos on multiple topics. It operates through a system of “subreddits,” dedicated communities centered around specific interests. With a voting system that elevates the most valuable content, Reddit empowers users to curate and engage in diverse discussions.


Top-Notch Features:

  • Social news aggregation
  • User-submitted content
  • Specialized communities (subreddits)

Conclusion: Staying Ahead in the Social Media Evolution

As we traverse this rapidly evolving social media landscape, one thing is clear: adaptability is key. The emergence of these platforms signifies a shift towards more authentic, real-time, and multidimensional interactions. Being tech-savvy in today’s world means not just mastering existing platforms but also being open to embracing new ones. By staying curious and engaged, you can harness the power of these emerging social media platforms to enrich our digital lives.

By the way, you are tech-savvy, aren’t you? If you are one, share some of the emerging social media platforms in the comments that you think should have made it onto this list.


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